12/30/2021 - Political Stance

My Political Affiliation - I do not have one. I am not a Democrat or a Republican. I cannot even call myself an independent. If I had to pick a party I would say I am a party of one - a sad and lonely party but at least it's one that I agree with.

I take every politician and agenda item and evaluate it independently and without any political party affiliation bias. Even on a single topic I have views that don't align left or right exclusively. For example my view on the handling of COVID is mixed. I think had a Democrat been in the executive branch in March 2020, we would have been better prepared for a Pandemic. Programs that existed during Obama's tenure would not have been reduced or cut, and the Nation would have more protective gear stockpiled and ready to go. On the other hand had a Democrat been in office, we would not shut down travel from China as fast. A Democrat President would be less likely and willing to do something perceived as xenophobic, not 'nice' and offensive to a big political and financial partner.

I sometimes wish (hypothetically, I know it's not realistic) that the country would do what the Roman Empire did when it was in decline. Instead of having one ruler they had four Emperors each ruling a quadrant of the Empire. Instead of dividing power geographically I would divide it by who does what best. One would be a Democrat, one a Republican, one Independent, and the fourth anyone highly intelligent and also crazy. President needs to attend a summit on Global Warming - send in the Democrat. President needs to attend a summit on Fiscal Responsibility - send in the Republican. A rogue nation is making threats - have the crazy tell them what's on his mind while holding his finger on the nuclear button, lets see if they have anything else to say after that. For everything else we can send in the Independent.

Both parties are driving a big part of their agenda by fear and exploiting people's emotions. When this happens, logic and reason are rarely at play. What helped me to understand this is a great book written by Scott Adams - Win Bigly. The book is a complementary analysis of Donald J. Trump's persuasion skills. Scott is an Ultra Liberal which makes this book that much more insightful. I am now in the progress of reading everything else he has published and have been giving these books as Holiday presents. It helps to explain the anatomy of how people are hard-wired and what drives their decision making. It really helped me to understand the lack of logic coming from seemingly intelligent people. When I speak to the contradiction I sometimes hear back - you are right, but you have to pick one camp - no you don't.

If I had to fully support someone for President, I would pencil in the Ultra Liberal Scott Adams - he is one person I have agreed with the most who is a public figure. Unfortunately he is not running for President.

So in conclusion, my political affiliation is the Party of Logic and Reason, but unfortunately that party does not exist either…

Disclaimer - some things are exaggerated to demonstrate a point and provide some comic relief.

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