1/12/2022 - Enjoy the Bath

I really liked Al Gore's movie "An Inconvenient Truth". In it, he cited credible sources and formed powerful arguments that we should not sit around while things seem fine in the near future and look at the bigger picture of where things are going. A powerful visual he used was the example of the frog. Given a comfortable environment of a warm water bath that is gradually getting hotter the frog would sit still until it was too late for it to escape its demise. That same visual can be applied to other phenomena that are demonstrating similar tendencies.

I got some criticism when I compared the Republicans that were barred from Statehouse for refusing to show their vaccination or COVID status to the 2nd Congress of the Russian Social Democratic Labor Party. Agreed that those barred had plenty of choices and could have handled it more maturely. The example was not of that specific point in time but the trajectory of where things are going.

You cannot turn the temperature up too fast because then people will panic. When you turn it up gradually, the masses tend to sit idly enjoying the warmth.

Prudential Center just came out with this new requirement: All guests aged five (5) and older entering Prudential Center will be required to show proof of vaccination against COVID-19. No option for a negative COVID test is offered. Today's definition of fully vaccinated is full vaccination (1 or 2 jabs) plus a booster.

So, if you are a parent of a 5-year-old kid and count the days until they can get their next booster - that is the choice you make for your child and it is to be respected.

If you are a parent of a 5-year-old kid that has assessed the situation and decided it may be too soon and unnecessary to vaccinate your child with something that may need longer data on side effects that may affect a growing body. The effects it may have on reproduction may take years to surface until enough data is available. You realize that those in a risk category chose to take the vaccine and are therefore protecting themselves, and the demographic of a healthy 5 year old taking the vaccine may have risks that outweigh the benefits. Well for those kids I guess will not get to see Marvel-Universe-Live.

It seems like not the end of the World - one can survive without visiting the Prudential Center. Yes, but again I am not talking about this limited scope. I am talking about the direction of where things are going. Next is an effort in motion to limit school sports to only those that are fully vaccinated. It's a gradual process like I said.

So, the temperature has been raised a tiny bit, still feels comfortable and convenient to comply. Enjoy the bath and God Bless.

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