1/1/2022 - Salute Our Heroes

Lets salute our medical workers and nurses - they are the heroes that don't wear capes!

Nurses are heroes. Correct, they are. And in March 2020 they were not wearing adequate protective gear either because hospitals were short in that supply. Yet if they wanted to keep their job, they were to wear the same mask for an entire shift and expose themselves to dangerous levels of COVID. Yet they did it and I still salute them unlike the hospital administration - let me explain.

In March 2020 the situation was very serious. The majority of the US population had almost no immunity to COVID-19. People were coming into the hospital with a cough and leaving in a body bag later that day. It was a scary time to say the least. I was in touch with a number of people working in the field and the stories they told were scary.

Fast forward to December 2022. A CNN article reads - Hospitals are overwhelmed. Shameful distortion of facts by not telling the whole story. Assumption is that hospitals are overwhelmed by droves of seriously sick people and to make it worse unvaccinated villains coming to take all the hospital beds - and the content of the article speaks to that effect.

The truth is hospitals are overwhelmed because nurses are quitting in large numbers - why? If they do not agree to get inoculated and continue to get boostered up as of September they are out of a job. Even if they have a valid medical exemption and taking the vaccine in their case would cause them harm, they are out of a job. The same nurses that saw a scary situation in 2020 are seeing a much different situation today. When I say large numbers, keep in mind, it's not everyone, but enough to cause a Hospital to be understaffed. I understand that for every nurse that is hesitant to take the vaccine you can find a nurse that is all for it and is ready to hook up to an IV full of booster doses. Out of the ones that made the decision to get the vaccine, many did so because they had no choice, they could not afford to lose their job. I go to mainstream medical doctors that are covered by my insurance. Out of them a majority (more than half) tell me in confidence (so will not disclose who they are) they had to get the vaccine to continue to work in the medical field, but they were against it at least at this point and would not get it otherwise. To get a medical procedure against your choice can be considered a form of medical rape.

Most people coming in run to the hospital with symptoms that do not require a hospitalization. The hospital is happy to charge them, put them on fluids, discharge them the next day and mark them as a COVID related hospitalization. When it comes to actually serious complications, they may be a person intubated with a preexisting stage 4 cancer, or someone morbidly obese with diabetes, but the situation is not close to the picture the media is trying to paint us.

I am happy that the medical community came together to come up with and fast track multiple vaccines to make them available to those that need them. I believe people at risk due to age or pre-existing conditions stand to benefit from it. Those that are not should have the option and freedom to take the vaccine as well, if that is the choice they make. It would protect them from others that may have COVID much like it would a Flu vaccine.

Unfortunately, a year into the vaccine being available, there are some reasons for concern. Complications from the vaccine are under-reported in my opinion. If I were to judge by what I am personally seeing, it would be a very small sample group where I am seeing a higher percentage of people with complications than I would hope for.

Here is one case for example - took dose 2, few days later develops serious reaction, swelling, high fever, joints affected to a point subject has a hard time walking. Goes to a hospital. Any sane doctor would ask - have you taken any new medication or were exposed to anything new in the last 30 days? Not in this case, instead they tried to come up with any possible explanation except for it being related to the vaccine. Subject discharged, thankfully survived. Case not noted as related to vaccine. Subject ended up getting COVID anyway.

There is mounting evidence that the vaccine is causing hormonal changes that can affect reproductive abilities years down the road. This is a concern to anyone considering getting vaccinated of teen age. This kind of data may take years to confirm or debunk, but the choice to wait until then is a choice that people deserve to be able to make. Example that suggests there may be some concern there - a Facebook group that has nothing to do with medicine or politics - it was a moms' group where women swap tips on cooking. Someone posted that she took the vaccine and has not had a period for 3 months. Someone replied that she on the other hand has had insanely heavy periods since she has taken hers. Within a few minutes a large number of people (I don't remember the exact count) replied that they are also experiencing similar symptoms. This is a reason for concern that is worth looking into. I mentioned it to a doctor, he said these are anecdotal cases. Yes, they are anecdotal until they become not. Again, I am not making any claims, just citing some observations that are worth keeping an eye on.

The effectiveness of the vaccine also leaves much to be desired. I wonder what an objective study would find if it were to take a similar sample of not-at-risk people, one vaccinated and the other not vaccinated. It appears both parties are getting COVID and having mild symptoms in comparable amounts. This is just an observation, I would want to see if such a study is being done and would be interested in the official results of the study.

Government kickbacks are borderline criminal. Businesses are getting calls from the IRS offering major tax incentives if they agree to mandate a vaccine policy - that smells like bribery to me but it's ok because it's the government.

Did COVID kill the flu much like the Video killed the Radio Star? Is no one questioning it? One factor may be that the masks and social distancing is helping to drive the numbers down, but to that extent? Perhaps there are other factors at play.

Lets talk about masks. They are effective. How effective is up to debate but if I were to sneeze, some of the droplets will stay inside the mask. Depending on the quality of my mask would determine how much of possible virus might escape if I were contagious. So, if the rule is to wear a mask, respect it. If it's optional but you are making someone uncomfortable being unmasked, be courteous and put on one. You will not suffocate or lose any oxygen to your brain. Now if you are jogging through the streets with no one within 50 feet of you and you are wearing a mask, I think you might have already lost some brain cells that contributed to that illogical choice.

I understand people wear masks like a child holds on to a security blanket. It looks ridiculous to see someone driving in a car by themselves wearing a mask, but if it makes them comfortable, live and let live. The issue is, a lot of this fear that drives that lack of logic is driven by the media. The left overblows and distorts truth to fit their agenda. The right underplays the pandemic and distorts the truth to fit their agenda. It's a sad situation with victims being manipulated on both sides. I am happy not to align fully with either.

These are just my opinions. If any of them are misleading or based on inaccuracies, I have an open mind and willing to correct and address. Today's overuse of vaccinations as a strategy draws some similarities to the overprescribing of antibiotics and denial of the harmful effects they were causing from 20 years ago which today has turned in a positive direction. I will write about that in a separate post.

Stay healthy and sane in the new year - Happy 2022!

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