12/31/2021 - What's in a Name

Assembly members were barred from entering the Statehouse. This is very concerning. https://www.nj.com/coronavirus/2021/12/republicans-defying-covid-vaccine-policy-blocked-from-statehouse-file-another-lawsuit.html

This draws parallels to the 2nd Congress of the Russian Social Democratic Labor Party in 1903.

This was in the early days as the Communist Party and it's agenda was just forming. There was a disagreement on rules of party membership that was put to a vote. At the time the party was splitting into 2 factions. One was led by Trotsky which was garnering more support, and favored a more liberal approach allowing for multiple parties to exist, freedom of speech and press, etc. The other was led by Lenin and favored none of that. There were some other smaller parties expected to be in attendance for the vote and it was looking like Trotsky's proposal was going to get more votes.

Lenin's party favored brawn over brains - to paint a visual imagine a party of Ogres from Revenge of the Nerds. Lenin himself was short and had a speech impediment but knew how to get the support of the muscle. The smaller factions that were likely to vote for Trotsky's proposal were physically barred from entering the building. The vote resulted in Lenin's proposal to pass. Since that day his party was self-labeled the Bolsheviks meaning the Majority Party and the other labeled the Mensheviks meaning Minority Party.

What's in a name? It was enough to turn the tide and cement in people's minds that Lenin's party was the Majority Party, and everyone wants to be on the Majority's side of history.

Bolsheviks became the only party and proceeded to ruin what could have been a great nation with a socialist-democratic government similar to France today.

Learning history is important because it helps us to avoid the mistakes of the past and hope not repeat them.

PS - I understand that Statehouse allowed for an option to show a negative COVID test result and that is good. I understand that the Bolshevik story is not a complete match to today's events (in the least it's an interesting read). I understand that it is childish for the Assembly members to defy a rule that allows them an option to avoid getting inoculated. What concerns me is the trajectory these things tend to take. It starts off innocent and mild but by the time you realize the situation it may be too late. I have seen it firsthand unfortunately and can see a possible future extrapolating based on past history. The trend I am seeing now is places removing the option to show a negative COVID test. This is what concerns me. I do not aim to mislead, only to inform and bring logic and reason to an open discussion.

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