2/3/2022 - Let's Not Make Whoopi

Whoopi Goldberg said something stupid and now she's suspended and many are calling for her to be fired and cancelled.

There are vile, hateful, and fundamentally toxic people that should have never been hired to begin with to their positions like Brittney Cooper - not Whoopi.

Whoopi said it, she regretted it, she apologized. Was she sincere? Who cares. I don't think she has any anti-Semitic sentiment. Why are we chasing a peanut when there are elephants in the room?

The supposed outrage has an element of spite and a bit of sarcasm. You cancelled decent people for no good reason, now lets make an example out of Whoopi.

Kevin Steincross mispronounced Martin Luther King Day - Fired

Grant Napear when asked, said he thinks all lives matter - Fired

Billy Bush stood next to Trump spilling the beans - Fired (Trump - Hired as President)

I can go on, but don't want to lose focus.
Two wrongs don't make a right.

Personally I don't mind if she keeps that job. What Whoopi said was more ignorant than hateful. As a grown woman she should know better, but in part she is a product of today's society that has reduced people to pantone colors. I have black dress shoes, and I have white sneakers.

If we go that way, I am more of a peach but an exact color match at Benjamin Moore showed the name of my color is 'baby turtle'. I know this sounds offensive, but only to baby turtles.

I have been told to check my white privilege. Checked, all good.

It's true there are some Anglo-Saxons in this country whose ancestors have established some serious wealth and connections. They were people of their time, contributed a lot to what this country is today, and also did some things that have become unacceptable over the years. Their offspring today may have some privileges that others do not. To address this inequality there have been many programs and scholarships set up to assist. Today this country provides opportunities to anyone that wants to work hard and achieve something.

My dad did not go to Yale or donate a building to them, so I did not go there with my scores, Rutgers was just fine. George W Bush on the other hand did go to Yale, and not because of his academic acumen.

Speaking of my dad, he did not go to the best university because the National University of Kyiv, at the time, did not like to accept Jews. This is an example of institutional racism BTW. Instead he and his sister had to go far and not where they wanted to be. My aunt met her husband there who was also there for the same reasons. He excelled in school and eventually went on to get a PhD and contribute greatly to the field of digital storage media technology - but was not good enough for University of Kyiv. They do not need to check their white privilege either.

What is black? Africans have no relation to the Aboriginal people of Australia or South Indians who tend to be very dark. Even within Africa, Amharans of Ethiopia are very different from Zulu of South Africa.
South Indians are much darker than Amharans, which one of them is black?

I can understand though that an African-American is descriptive enough, hard to know which part of Africa your ancestors are from, especially if it goes all the way back to 17th century slave trade.

Speaking of colonial slave trade, it's ironic that Africans were selected. The choice was between them and Asians. Africa was chosen because it had a much more developed slave trade market, and the areas of Africa where they lived more matched the climate of the North American South, people had better immunity to diseases that come with a humid sub-tropical climate. So, they got to be slaves because of their advantage over Asians.

Today I do feel privileged. I am privileged to be an American Citizen and am able to get all the benefits and opportunities that this status provides me. It does not matter if I am RGB #FFFFFF or #000000, purple of polka-dot.

Today I also feel concerned that out of guilt, delusion or lack of reason we give fundamentaly flawed people PhDs and place them in positions they have no business of being in.

How about we refocus and see if Brittney Cooper is enjoying her position as Professor of Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, and if she has issued any apologies to address her hate-filled rant.

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